Interface Layout

    • Method Detail

      • getLauncherClassName

        String getLauncherClassName()
        Returns the launcher class name for this layout.
        the launcher class name
      • getLibraryDestination

        String getLibraryDestination(String libraryName,
                                     LibraryScope scope)
        Returns the destination path for a given library.
        libraryName - the name of the library (excluding any path)
        scope - the scope of the library
        the destination relative to the root of the archive (should end with '/') or null if the library should not be included.
      • getClassesLocation

        String getClassesLocation()
        Returns the location of classes within the archive.
        the classes location
      • isExecutable

        boolean isExecutable()
        Returns if loader classes should be included to make the archive executable.
        if the layout is executable