Interface RestDocsWebTestClientConfigurationCustomizer

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    public interface RestDocsWebTestClientConfigurationCustomizer
    A customizer for WebTestClientRestDocumentationConfigurer. If a RestDocsWebTestClientConfigurationCustomizer bean is found in the application context it will be called to customize the WebTestClientRestDocumentationConfigurer before it is applied. Intended for use only when the attributes on AutoConfigureRestDocs do not provide sufficient customization.
    Roman Zaynetdinov
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      void customize(org.springframework.restdocs.webtestclient.WebTestClientRestDocumentationConfigurer configurer)
      Customize the given configurer.
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        void customize(org.springframework.restdocs.webtestclient.WebTestClientRestDocumentationConfigurer configurer)
        Customize the given configurer.
        configurer - the configurer