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Siebel Administration

 SBL-ADM-02077 Server name must be specified for this operation 

 SBL-ADM-02071 Enterprise server %1 not found in gateway server 

 SBL-ADM-02049 There is no connected server targeted for that command. 

 ADM-02088: Connection to specified server not found 

 SBL-ADM-02039: INTERNAL: SA_ERR_EOF when Component starts 

 ADM-01050: The specified component is not active on this server 

 SBL-ADM-01042: Login failed for specified username, password, and ODBC datasource combination 

 Object Manager is crashing with message : SBL-ADM-01022 Component name must be specified 

 Alias of component Search Incremental Index Processor 

 Siebel Servers disappear from GUI after running SRVREDIT 

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