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 SBL-NET-01201 Internal: connect() failed: %1 

 SBL-NET-01034: The SISNAPI connection was closed by the peer 

 SBL-SRB-00041: can't do SISNAPI handshake 

 SSM-00006: error sending message 

 SBL-NET-01020: Internal: unknown hostname 

 SBL-OSD-02001: Process exited because it received signal SIGHUP 

 SBL-OSD-01000: Internal: The process attempted to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access 

  38983 GEN-00255 Process exited with error - Internal: Error during exec() 

 SBL-ADM-01042: Login failed for specified username, password, and ODBC datasource combination  

 SBL-ADM-02527: Parse Error: Expecting = instead of "(null)". 

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