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Siebel Administration

 SBL-SMI-00062: Internal: No more process (multi-threaded server) slots available 

 SBL-SMI-00061: The directory Admin, does not exist under the Siebel root directory 

 SBL-SMI-00049: Internal: There is no connection to the gateway server 

 SBL-SMI-00033: The client exited without closing the SISNAPI connection 

 SBL-SMI-00024: Unable to load %1 or SMI-00024: Unable to load (null). 

 SBL-SMI-00001: Invalid parameter 

 SBL-SVR-03006 Internal: Gateway address is not set 

 SBL-SVR-03002 Internal: Siebel Server name must be specified 

 SBL-SVR-00005: Stale or invalid Task handle 

 SBL-NET-01218: Connection refused by server %1, no one is listening on port %sysError. 

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