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SQLs/Error Messages

 SBL-SRQ-00103: Unable to find definition for component WfProcMgr 

 SBL-SRM-00016: Unable to initialize the Database environment -- Unable to connect to DB (data ops) 

 SBL-OSD-00230: Internal: gethostbyname_r ()failed with error. (%sysError) 

 SBL-OSD-00204: Internal waitpid() failed with error %sysError 

 SBL-OSD-00034: Internal: Cannot create a new process (%sysError) 

 SBL-OSD-00015: Internal: The object already exists (%sysError) 

 SBL-OSD-00001 Internal: Function call timed out (%sysError) 

 Generate New Database Template (GenNewDB) tasks fail with error SBL-GDB-00004 after applying FixPack or later 

 Siebel Remote: GenNewDB fails with SBL-GDB-00004 and 'Syntax error' for Sequence-based custom extension column 

 Generate New Database Template (GenNewDB) task fails with SBL-GDB-00004 and 'Syntax error' 

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