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SQLs/Error Messages

 Cannot activate task "Workflow Name' version [4]. Make sure it has 'Completed' status. (SBL-BPR-00501)" 

 Change column from Date format to UTC format in Oracle Database 

 SBL-SVR-01042: Internal: Communication protocol error while instantiating new task SBL-CSC-00301: Invalid value 10 for argument Maximum Tasks 

 Find text in Siebel Tools code 

 Find all repeated jobs from WfProcMgr and WfProcbatchMgr 

 Get all screens and views for a Responsibility in Siebel 

 Schema preparation SQLs with Siebel and Oracle 

 Session Monitor SQL with Siebel and Oracle 

 How to calculate space usage stats in Siebel with Oracle 

 SBL-SRQ-00103: Unable to find definition for component WfProcMgr 

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