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 Two Plus is Getting Displayed in Contact List Applet in Siebel OpenUI Version 15.2 

 Open UI: Intermittently Not Able To Open Pick Applets/mvgs After Upgrading Siebel 15.5 

 OpenUI:: Data Blanks Out While Creating New Record In Pick Applets 

 Currency Pick Applet Is Throwing Error(SBL-UIF-00313) In Siebel OPEN UI ,but Works Fine In HI 

 Open UI: Pick Applet not rendering properly from Toolbar button 

 Siebel Open UI LOV errors - Part 2 

 Siebel Open UI LOV errors 

 Siebel Open UI Barcode field size >32 and CPU performance 

 Changing Colors on the Dispatch Board Gantt Chart (Open UI Client) 

 Multiple Attachments with Open UI 

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