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Siebel Administration

 SBL-SMI-00126: The session timed out 

 SBL-SMI-00116: The minimum number of multithreaded server processes (%1) cannot be larger than the maximum number of multithreaded server processes (%2) 

 SBL-SMI-00107: Internal: The context for the given task was not found 

 SBL-SMI-00101: The server is busy, please try again later 

 SBL-SMI-00096: The maximum number of restarts (%1) for MinUpTime has been reached. The component %2 will not be restarted again 

 SMI-00081: Internal: Got error 1801210 when dequeueing a connection request (62) 

 SBL-SMI-00062: Internal: No more process (multi-threaded server) slots available 

 SBL-SMI-00061: The directory Admin, does not exist under the Siebel root directory 

 SBL-SMI-00049: Internal: There is no connection to the gateway server 

 SBL-SMI-00033: The client exited without closing the SISNAPI connection 

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